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Doug Johnson: Fathers have always been essential to the family

Sunday, June 20, is Father’s Day, the day we honor the world’s most powerful men. Years ago, a teacher asked her class: “Who can tell ... Read more

23 hours ago by Guest Columnist.

EDITORIAL: Conspiracy theorist made hearing a farce

America has a conspiracy theory problem. In recent years, thanks to fact-free posting on social media sites, as well the work of as those in ... Read more

2 days ago by Editorial Board.

Jeri Fields: You can easily access your Social Security retirement benefits

Keeping you informed about our benefits and services is important to us. Preparing for retirement is one of the most significant decisions you can make ... Read more

3 days ago by Guest Columnist.

Devotions continue, thanks to our community partners

While the pandemic has slowed many activities residents at Morning Pointe of Russell enjoy, we’ve adapted and found new ways to keep our favorite events ... Read more

4 days ago by Guest Columnist.

EDITORIAL: A salute to the scouts

Over the past month, we have been out covering many events in the county as things reopen from the pandemic and, time after time, we ... Read more

5 days ago by Editorial Board.

General warranty deed protects new property owners

Dear Lawyer Mark: We are trying to sell our house, and I have been reading through the paperwork our realtor gave us. One of the ... Read more

6 days ago by Obituaries.

Letter to the editor: Family appreciated support and tribute

Carol Sue Avery, wife of Milton “Sonny” Avery, would like to thank the Patriot Guard Riders for their support and the beautiful plaque. I would ... Read more

6 days ago by Letters to the Editor.

Heat-related issues can be serious

The thermometer read 99 degrees. That would be okay if it were the rectal temp on a pet, but it was the truck thermometer during ... Read more

7 days ago by Guest Columnist.

Nina Keller: AAA7 works with Guard on Vaccines for senior housing

The Area Agency on Aging District 7 has been proud to work with the Ohio National Guard as part of the Regional Response Assistance Program ... Read more

7 days ago by Guest Columnist.

Doug Johnson: In every storm, there is an anchor

Many years ago, an old sea captain was quizzing a young naval student. “What steps would you take if a sudden storm came up on ... Read more

1 week ago by Guest Columnist.

Despite presidential orders, Lindbergh flew in WW2

Editor’s note: Don Lee is taking a break from his column this week. This is representation of a piece from Dec. 8, 2018. There is ... Read more

1 week ago by Guest Columnist.

Editorial: A lasting tribute to service

Last weekend, several groups came together as two new headstones were unveiled at W.D. Kelley Cemetery in Ironton. The markers were for the graves of ... Read more

1 week ago by Editorial Board.

Jim Crawford: U.S. infrastructure needs can not continue to go unaddressed

Our Republican friends would like you to worry about “cancel culture,” or “wokeness” or children’s books withdrawn for political correctness, or anything but the real ... Read more

1 week ago by Heath Harrison.

Jeri Fields: Take care of your Social Security business online

Have you ever thought you might need to visit a Social Security office? Chances are you do not. You can probably conduct your business with ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Guest Columnist.

EDITORIAL: As events return to public

Last year, as COVID-19 cases continue to rise in the county, the Lawrence County Fair Board had to make a difficult decision. Due to restrictions ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Editorial Board.

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