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Jeri Fields: Social Security benefits to increase in 2021

Nearly 70 million Americans will see a 1.3 percent increase in their Social Security benefits and SSI payments in 2021. Federal benefit rates increase when ... Read more

10 hours ago by Guest Columnist.

Dean Ridings: Google’s monopoly isn’t a game for newspapers

It is no secret that Google has secured a near monopoly in the search and local advertising world. However, the impact on newspapers hasn’t been ... Read more

1 day ago by Guest Columnist.

EDITORIAL: Tackling needed issues

At their meeting of council last week, South Point learned from Mayor Jeff Gaskin that the village is in excellent financial shape, with departments staying ... Read more

2 days ago by Editorial Board.

Tom Purcell: Disgraceful discourse ours to correct

Without grace, our public discourse will continue to suffer. “Grace,” according to Dictionary.com, has more than one meaning, but all of them are powerful. Grace ... Read more

3 days ago by Guest Columnist.

Tom Purcell: Do you remember learning to drive?

My son Gideon certainly had a high-octane understanding of the THEORY of driving last winter. As far as the rubber meeting the road, not so ... Read more

4 days ago by Guest Columnist.

Skip the chaos with a trip into space news

With all the chaos in Washington, D.C. occupying the news, I hope you take time to read this and take your mind off the problems. ... Read more

6 days ago by Guest Columnist.

A dozen daily affirmations can help on life’s pathway

True happiness is sometimes hard to find with all the bad news around us. Some people measure happiness by their level of success. However, success ... Read more

6 days ago by Guest Columnist.

Name change needed to ditch her ex-husband

Dear Lawyer Mark: I got divorced last year, but my ex won’t leave me alone. Even though I moved and changed my telephone numbers, he ... Read more

6 days ago by Guest Columnist.

Editorial: Delegate’s actions must be addressed

On Wednesday, the nation was stunned as a mob stormed the U.S. Capitol, seeking to put a stop to the confirmation of the Electoral Vote ... Read more

6 days ago by Editorial Board.

Tom Purcell: Companion animals are bringing more joy than ever

My new puppy entered the world on Christmas and he’s already bringing incredible joy into my family – just as many dogs, cats and other ... Read more

1 week ago by Guest Columnist.

Jeri Fields: Newborns and their Social Security

Getting your newborn a Social Security number is important for their future. If your child is born in a hospital, the easiest way to apply ... Read more

1 week ago by Guest Columnist.

Editorial: Welcome news of a victory

In October, sheriff’s deputies recovered the largest amount of Fentanyl to date in Lawrence County. Acting on a tip from a staff member when they ... Read more

1 week ago by Editorial Board.

Danny Tyree: Don’t Be A Meathead! Celebrate Archie Bunker’s 50th Anniversary!

I spent Monday nights in the fall of 1975 breathlessly watching my favorite TV show. And I do mean breathlessly. That’s because I had to ... Read more

1 week ago by Guest Columnist.

Jim Crawford: We are still standing as 2021 begins

We will never forget 2020, nor will we ever regale its character-shaping benefits. 2020 was not a year to suggest triumph over adversity, or that ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Guest Columnist.

Don Lee: China collects moon dust, telescope to view the galaxy

I hope you had a pleasant, virus-free Christmas holiday. I bring some news about space this week. The Chinese had a successful round-trip to the ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Guest Columnist.

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