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EDITORIAL: A local hero passes

The city of Ironton lost a true hero of the ages when Lawrence Rudmann died this week at age 98.

A veteran of World War II and a paratrooper at Normandy, he was one of the first to head into Europe to help liberate it from Nazi occupation.

Rudmann was among the veterans we interviewed last year for our special section on the 75th anniversary of the ear’s end and we are thankful we were able to get his story then, as well as the other times he spoke to us over the years.

The information he shared with us was an invaluable link to history, which will be appreciated by future generations.

We hope it is a reminder to younger readers of the value of what they can learn when talking to their elders.

The knowledge and experience they have is something you will treasure for a lifetime.

Had it not been for those like Rudmann, the past century would have turned out very differently and the world would be worse off for it.

We are thankful for his heroism and celebrate a life a life well lived.