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Make the most of time

A popular idea circulating this week is a way to deal with the amount of free time children have with schools closed across the country.

Many have been suggesting to take this time to teach young people much needed skills that do not fall into an academic curriculum.

This can take the form of showing boys and girls how to perform basic tasks like how to change the oil in a car, how to cook a basic meal, how to sew, how to change a tire — things they will find of great benefit in later life.

It is similar to what children have learned in the boys and girls academies that local school districts have offered here in the county.

With many parents not working during the shutdown, this presents an opportunity to take the time to do this.

And it would offer some much needed family bonding and be a morale boost in this stressful time.

So, instead of sitting around watching Netflix or playing on a tablet all week, why not get the family together and compile a list of these simple, but necessary, skills and create some at-home learning in the meantime?

It is something that will stick with your child or grandchild and they will appreciate well into adulthood.