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The Tribune claims 6 Associated Press awards

4 first place awards in 3 categories

The Tribune won six Associated Press awards for 2017, including four first places, a second place and a third place, in the Division 1 category of newspapers with a daily circulation of up to 7,999.

Graphic designer Kandi Thompson took first place for Best Graphic Artist, while photographer Jessica St. James took first place awards for Best News Photo for her photograph “A Grieving Family,” a photo of the family of victims of a quadruple homicide back in October, and “Devin Proud,” a photo from a gathering remembering 8-year-old Devin Holston, one of the victims of the quadruple homicide.

Regarding Thompson’s win, one judge stated, “every tool within graphic design was used here to create something unique. Contrasting, clipping paths, text wrap and more all came together very nicely. Very attractive to look at.”

Regarding St. James’ grieving family photo, one judge stated, “Emotional, gripping photo. The one we all hate to shoot, but we know we must. Can’t turn away from it.”

As far as the “Devin Proud” photo, one judge stated that it captured the moment very well.

“I love everything about this image. From the silhouette to the contrast of the orange sky,” the judge’s remarks said. “For me, this image represents a dark time, but the one person who remains lit under the street lamp is symbolic for hope.”

The fourth first place award went to local Tri-State columnist Jim Crawford, a retired educator and a political enthusiast, who often writes about what is going on in national politics.

The whole Tribune editorial team was the winner of the second place award for Best Spot News Coverage, covering the quadruple homicide last fall, from the incident itself to the capture to all of the court proceedings.

Tribune reporter Heath Harrison rounded out the awards, taking third place for Best Editorial Writer.