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Two sentenced on trafficking drug charges

Two separate individuals were sentenced on trafficking charges on Wednesday, one in Judge Andrew Ballard’s courtroom and the other in Judge Charles Cooper’s court.

Ballard sentenced Randal S. Jenkins, 26, of Ironton, to 30 months in prison on three counts of trafficking in methamphetamine.

Cooper sentenced Urian M. Benicker, 33, of Ironton, to 10 months in prison, plus credit for time served. Benicker pleaded guilty to trafficking in 0.3 of a gram of methamphetamine.

In other action in Cooper’s courtroom, Jason E. Broughton, 40, of South Point, pleaded guilty to failure to comply with an order from a peace officer and guilty to aggravated possession of drugs. Broughton was sentenced to three years on the F3 failure to comply and one year on the F5 aggravated possession, to run concurrently, for a total of four years.

Maurice A. Cooper, 39, of Farrell, Pennsylvania, rejected his final offer on charges of conveying prohibited items onto the grounds of a government facility.

Billy C. Edwards, 35, of Milton, West Virginia, pleaded guilty to count one of his charges, trafficking in heroin, and had counts 2-8 nullified as part of his plea deal. Edwards’ bond was continued, and he returns on July 12 for sentencing.

Christopher Mattern, 32, of Wintersville, pleaded guilty to a charge of burglary F2 as part of a plea deal that nullified charges of tampering with evidence, misuse of a credit card, and receiving stolen property. Mattern was released on $50,000 own recognizances bond and had sentencing scheduled for one week from Wednesday.

Travis Reed, 37, homeless with a last known address at a Huntington shelter, pleaded guilty to charges of burglary F4, and was sentenced to four years CCS with ISP and to complete a program at STAR Community Justice Center.

Reed’s attorney, Jason Smith, explained that Reed “didn’t mean any malice” when he entered the residence. Reed, he explained, was homeless, lost, under the influence, and had been walking a long time and simply wanted a place to rest.

Reed told Judge Cooper that he was “deeply humiliated and very sorry,” and was willing to comply with the terms of his community control sanctions.

Nichole R. Scott, 45, of South Shore, signed a time waiver on her charges of three counts of aggravated vehicular assault, one count of driving under the influence, and one count of distracted driving. Scott will return for pretrial on July 26 and has a jury trial scheduled for August 14.

In Judge Ballard’s courtroom Dustin Boyd, 23, homeless, was sentenced to 17 months in prison for CCS violations related to failure to appear.

Lisa F. Cartwright, 39, of South Point, appeared on charges of possession of focalin and possession of cocaine, and was released on $15,000 own recognizances and continuation of $5,000 cash or surety bond.

Pamela D. Kerfoot, 43, of Ironton, was ordered to undergo mental health and drug treatment, as a condition of her community control sanctions, and had her CCS extended by an additional year.

William E. Martin, 35, of Ashland, was ordered to appear before a court clinic for evaluation. Martin is charged with receiving stolen property, operating a vehicle under a suspended license and driving while intoxicated.

Blake A. Meadows, 25, of South Point, denied violating the orders of his community control sanctions, and had his CCS trial set for June 21.

Donald R. Pace, 32, of Chesapeake, pleaded guilty to a charge of F2 burglary, and had his sentencing scheduled for June 28.

Christopher A. Strait, 45, of Ironton, appeared on charges of possession of heroin, and was released on $10,000 cash or surety bond, $20,000 own recognizances, and GPS monitoring.

William D. Thomas, 40, of Ironton, pleaded not guilty to a charge of drug possession and was released on a $10,000 own recognizances bond and had his bond of $2,500 from a lower court continued.

Brittany S. White, 32, of Grove City, was ordered to complete a program at STAR after failing to complete the terms of her treatment-in-lieu-of-conviction agreement. White will remain incarcerated until they have a bed date available for her at STAR.

Ballard emphasized to White that the reason she was being allowed to continue treatment-in-lieu, rather than face prison time, was “due solely to the fact you have a (negative) drug screen,” meaning that despite the fact she didn’t complete her treatment program, she has continued to avoid exposure to drugs.

James R. Cook, 33, of Ashland, pleaded not guilty to charges of possession of heroin, trafficking in methamphetamine, and possession of criminal tools, and was released on $15,000 cash or surety bond and $30,000 own recognizances. His next pretrial was scheduled for June 28.

Ballard will hear motions in the Tracy Ellis/Skylake case beginning at 8:30 a.m. this morning.