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Defining the mission and outreach

CAO starts internal email feedback campaign

The Community Action Organization has initiated a new internal email outreach, designed to improve communication and feedback with staff.

CAO director D.R. Gossett produces short video messages about things like providing feedback and adhering to organizational goals and values, which are then distributed via an email link.

Staff can then watch the videos at their leisure, rather than having to go into a meeting that might disrupt the flow of their workday.

So far, Gossett told the CAO board during its regular meeting on Thursday, they have produced six videos and distributed five, receiving feedback on everything from spelling corrections to ideas for improving efficiency.

With 30 sites, and up to 11 different departments, it also helps create consistent messaging throughout the organization, which Gossett said is critical to meeting their goal of addressing poverty related issues, especially related to health and early education, and explaining to the public what it is they can provide.

“If we want to do a better job of explaining to the community what we do,” Gossett said, “we should start with the staff. Start with communication internally, and work out.”

In other action the CAO board moved to accept the resignation of Rich Blankenship from the CAO Board, and to approve and accept QI reports. They also discussed Health Resources and Services Association (HERSA) grant funding. They currently receive a total of $2.4 million in HERSA grant funding, but that is contingent on meeting certain patient targets. Their new benchmark is 13,866 patients, and they must see at least 95 percent of that figure to maintain their funding.

They also approved submission of a dental grant for supplies, approved the credentialing of a social worker, two nurse practitioners, and other certified medical providers.

The board also approved the risk management compliance policy, which covers such things as patient rights, work place safety, and pain management, among others.

In Head Start business, they discussed enrollment and childcare subsidy eligibility. One struggle for meeting their enrollment, they explained, is that some families are childcare subsidy eligible, but their income is not low enough for their children to be eligible for Head Start. They also approved grant applications and approved developing plans based on their program self assessment.

Finally, the board adopted a resolution authorizing the CAO to explore developing a new corporation, with the CAO retaining 25 percent control, for a project that is still to be announced.

The next meeting of the CAO board will take place at noon, on June 15, at Proctor’s Landing, in Proctorville.