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South Point says goodbye to seniors



SOUTH POINT — By 12:30 p.m. Sunday Tim Beavers was pacing in front of South Point High School, a portrait of anxious anticipation, waiting for the doors to open.

That’s because at 2 p.m. his son, T.J., would be giving the valedictorian address to the South Point class of 2012.

“It is sort of a sad day and a good day for us,” Tim Beavers said. “We have cried and laughed.”

In the fall T.J. will go on to Ohio State University on a full four-year scholarship to study political science. After that he wants to enter Columbia University law school.

But on Sunday there was a speech to give and one that T.J. wasn’t going to practice on his father.

“He won’t let me hear it,” Tim Beavers said.

The reason?

“I just do that to bug him,” his son joked.

Leona Miller was another graduate who got to the high school too early for the 1 p.m. time ascribed for the doors to open. But that was all right because she had her eye on the future.

“I’m very excited,” she said. “I am starting a new life. I’ve joined the Navy and will start boot camp in July. It will pay for college and I can see the world.”

Callie Taylor showed up for her graduation with her sister, Erica Burroughs, her parents and grandparents.

“I’m excited but I’ll miss the people and the teachers,” Callie said.

In the fall she’s off to North Greenville University on a golf scholarship to study business management.

“It seemed like a good degree to have,” she said. “It’s an open field for jobs.”

While all the graduates were wearing the requisite white robes for South Point, Shana Adkins had turned her outfit into a special tribute. On her cap was spray painted a tribute to her late uncle Nelson Cooper who died in 2008.

“I was really close to him and this will be like he will be here with me,” she said.