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Lawsuits – 9/26/11

— Kimberly Aliff and Bryan Aliff vs. Jeffrey E. Shook, D.P.M., plaintiffs seek an amount in excess of $25,000 for medical treatment related injury.

— Capital One vs. Franklin S. Ferrell, 893.97 plus costs and other relief.

— Nationwide Mortgage vs. Donald Lewis, et al, foreclosure.

— Flagstar Bank vs. Gina M. Montroso, et al, foreclosure.

— Green Tree Servicing vs. Floyd McCann, $9,552.27 plus costs and other relief.

— Earl Webb and Debra Webb vs. Terry Doan and Philip Dolan, $27,500 plus costs and other relief.

— City National Bank vs. Robert Miller, $142,213.14 plus costs and other relief.

— James Holder vs. Verna Freeman, plaintiff seeks unspecified damages for injuries sustained in auto accident.

— Bank of New York vs. Warren L. Carey, et al, foreclosure.

— Loan Central Inc., vs. Molly Henry, et al, foreclosure.

— Nationstar Mortgage vs. Luke A. Clark, et al, foreclosure.

— Citi Mortgage vs. Shawn A. McComas, et al, foreclosure.