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Dawson-Bryant student left on bus

COAL GROVE — A bus driver for the Dawson-Bryant Local School District is on administrative leave after a child was left on the school bus on Jan. 31.

Superintendent Dennis DeCamp issued a press release that stated the student rode the bus to school, but remained on the bus, possibly falling asleep, after the other students exited the bus at the school building.

According to the release, the driver was not aware the student was on the bus for the remainder of the morning route. The driver of the bus later found the student.

DeCamp said in the release that the matter is under investigation by the school district and the driver will be on administrative leave pending the investigation.

“The safety of students is of utmost importance at Dawson-Bryant Schools, and district employees certainly work together to keep students safe as they travel to school and attend school,” said DeCamp. “Our school bus drivers are a conscientious and close-knit group, and they do an excellent job of safely transporting students to school each day.”

The release also stated the school district has procedures in place for notifying parents of students who are absent. These procedures were followed but contact with the parents was not successful. Also, according to the release, changes to the procedures would be made as needed to make sure situations like these don’t happen again.