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Newspaper, city must do more to inform citizens

On Dec. 28, I picked up The Ironton Tribune and saw an article on the front page about Coal Grove having water problems.

I searched the rest of the paper and to my surprise and dismay I found nothing, not a single reference about the north end of Ironton Boil Water Advisory.

Thank you Ironton officials for letting us know.

We heard it on the Sunday night news at 11pm or we would not have known it. What about the people who do not watch television or go to bed early? I guess that’s their bad luck.

What about small children, the elderly, and those of us that already have health issues? Is this not what we purchase The Ironton Tribune for?

I would much rather read local news than news about “High Expectations? States weighing marijuana reform” or “Shoppers spend bit more this year”. Who cares about this filler that means nothing to the local readers.

We need more local news regardless of how trivial. It is getting really bad when a person has to buy the Thursday morning edition of The Herald Dispatch to find out what has happened in Lawrence County the week before.

The Ironton officials should make sure that all news outlets are covered on such an important health issue.

I called The Tribune to complain that Coal Grove water problems got front page coverage and Ironton didn’t get anything and the lady told me The Tribune didn’t know about this until a man came in off the street and informed them.

I don’t know where the blame lies but The City of Ironton and The Tribune need to get together on important issues.

To add insult to injury, we couldn’t submit an electronic letter to the editor from The Ironton Tribune Web site because it refused to accept our letter. Go figure!

Just another problem with good old Ironton. Par for the course, I guess! I will be surprised if this actually gets printed.

Rebecca Lester