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LAWSUITS – 12/14/09

—Beneficial Ohio vs. Michael D.Horan, et al, $15,846.51 plus interest and costs.

—Wells Fargo Bank vs. Lois G. Davis, foreclosure.

—PHH Mortgage Corp. vs. Timothy H. MacArthur, foreclosure.

—Progressive Direct Insurance Co. and Misti Janey vs. Richard Eid Jr., $9,865.66 plus interest and costs.

—Carrie L. Frazier and Paul Frazier vs. Amber D. Melvin, plaintiffs seek an amount in excess of $25,000 for injuries sustained in auto accident.

—American General Finance vs. Cathy J. Caldwell, $2,044.50 plus interest and costs.

—Laurie Brown vs. Paula Wagner, et al, plaintiff seeks an amount on excess of $25,000 for injuries sustained in auto accident.

—State Farm Insurance vs. Christina Abrams and David Abrams, $29,715 plus interest and costs.

—American General Finance vs. Scott W. Hardy, foreclosure.

—Chase Home Finance vs. Burley Gibson, foreclosure.

Robert D. Dawson vs. Adam P. Hall, plaintiff alleges breach of contract, seeks unspecified damages.

—Capital One Bank vs. Rebecca Mannon, $2,670.66 plus interest and costs.

—Capital One Bank vs. Mary E. Armstrong, $3,200.35 plus interest and costs.