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Stay safe on the roads

This week has brought heavy rains and flooding to the Tri-State.

With those conditions, drivers should exercise caution.

The American Automobile Association offers the following tips for the weather:

• Check tires: Make sure tires are properly inflated and have enough tread depth.

• Avoid cruise control: This feature works great in dry conditions, but when used in wet conditions, the chance of losing control of the vehicle can increase.

• Slow down, leave room: Reduce the chance of hydroplaning, when the tires rise up on a film of water. With as little as 1/12 inch of water on the road, tires have to displace a gallon of water per second to keep the rubber meeting the road.

• Do not panic in a skid — If you feel the car begin to skid, continue to look and steer in the direction you want the car to go. Don’t panic, and avoid slamming on the brakes to maintain control.

• Avoid standing water, flooded roads: There is no way to tell how deep standing water is on a flooded road and driving through it can cause a vehicle to stall and result in severe damage to the vehicle. If your vehicle stalls in a flooded area, do not remain in the car. Abandon it as soon as possible and seek higher ground. Flood waters can elevate quickly.