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Ohio must use highway funds to build state

Ohio’s highway system continues to age and deteriorate but a recent report shows that regional planning commissions are leaving millions unspent.

A report in the Columbus Dispatch and confirmed by the Ohio Department of Transportation shows that more than $169 million in federal transportation funds were left unspent last fiscal year.

This simply doesn’t make sense and appears that some of these agencies do not have a clear handle on their budgets and the needs of their areas.

If Ohio’s roads system was in perfect shape it would be one thing. But that certainly isn’t the case.

The state infrastructure and highway system is in need of a massive repairs across all of Ohio, from Cleveland to South Point.

Ohio Department of Transportation Director Jerry Wray has essentially told these agencies to start spending, although the agencies have countered with the explanation that they stockpile for future projects or save on some bids.

A key component to returning Ohio to its place among the economic leaders of the United States is to ensure that we have a strong infrastructure foundation and are positioned for commerce.

These dollars are meant to be used — and they should be — to improve the lives of all Ohioans.